Welcome to PelPro!

PelPro provides alternative heating
appliances for your home or shop that are
economical, low maintenance and easy to use.
Our extensive line of pellet appliances
gives you the flexibility you need to heat
any size home, with any decor.

Save the Environment while you Save on Heating Costs!

PelPro pellet stoves produce low particulate and greenhouse gas emissions making them a clean, eco-friendly heating alternative for your home. The wood pellets used to fuel these appliances are made of recycled wood byproducts and are packaged in large bags, convenient for storage.


How does a PelPro Pellet Stove Work?

Simply fill the hopper with premium wood pellets, press the start button and watch your PelPro stove go to work. Once your stove has ignited and is burning brightly, simply adjust the heat output and circulation fan to your desired settings and relax. PelPro stoves feature a stainless steel heat exchanger and adjustable heat output making operation straightforward. Plus, the non-conventional, light-weight chimneys make installation easier and more flexible than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

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