Troubleshooting: Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a PelPro unit work?

The electrical auger feeds wood pellets into the burn grate and as the burn grate fills with fuel, the 300 watt automatic igniter starts the fuel on fire. The fire heats the exchange tubes and the included fan blows warm air into the room.

2. What types of fuel can I burn in my PelPro unit?

Only burn premium wood pellets in your PelPro unit for optimum performance. No other type of fuel is recommended. Learn more.

3. What is wood pellet fuel?

Pellet fuel is a renewable resource made entirely from lumber production waste. This waste (sawdust) is dried, cleaned, heated and compressed into pellet pieces the size of a pencil eraser.

4. How much pellet fuel will I use in the heating season?

On average, a standard home consumes 2 – 3 tons of pellets per heating season.

5. What types of venting should I use?

You must use UL/ULC approved PL vent designed and tested for pellet stoves and inserts.

6. Do I need to run fresh air to the stove from outside?

For a mobile home, you must run fresh air to the stove from outside using an Outside Air Kit. Check with your local building inspector when installing in other homes or spaces.

7. Do I need to use a non-combustible hearth pad underneath my PelPro stove?

Yes, all pellet stoves require a non-combustible hearth pad if the unit is installed on top of combustible material such as carpet. Refer to your owner’s manual for the hearth pad size required for your specific stove.

8. Do I need surge protection with my PelPro unit?

Yes, PelPro units have digital components so it is best to use a surge protector.

9. Will my PelPro unit work if the power goes out?

No, PelPro units require 110V to operate because a combustion fan must run to remove the exhaust.

10. Does my PelPro unit come with a thermostat?

The PP60 and PP130 pellet stoves come with a standard dial control that allows you to adjust and maintain desired temperature. For PelPro units with the Acutron control, an optional thermostat may be purchased as an accessory.

11. Why is there smoke coming into my room?

All PelPro units are designed with tight seals when the door is completely closed. If smoke is coming into your room, it is most likely because of the venting. Use high temperature silicone to seal all venting joints, especially the joint where the venting meets the unit.

12. Where can I purchase a PelPro unit?

PelPro products can be purchased from a variety of authorized dealers. Find a Dealer.

13. Where can I purchase PelPro service parts?

To order service parts and have them shipped directly to you, please contact PelPro Consumer Care by calling 1-877-427-3316.

14. How do I know which control my PelPro unit has?

Your PelPro unit will either have the dial control or Acutron control.

The dial control allows you to adjust your product with ten heat settings.
The Acutron control allows you to select four feed rates and three fan speeds.

15. What is the difference between the combustion fan and convection fan on my PelPro unit?

The combustion fan pushes air into the unit to feed the fire as well as pushes exhaust out the chimney. The convection fan pushes the warm air into the room to circulate heat faster.

16. How do I remove the PP130 stove from its pallet?

Watch now to see how to quickly and easily remove the PP130 from the pallet.

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