Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the stove light?

The unit has a 300 watt self igniter so all you have to do is hit the start button.

2. Can I run the venting for this unit into an existing chimney?

Yes, but make sure you check it with your local building inspector.

3. Do I have to run fresh air to the stove from outside?

You must in a mobile home but with any other home check with your local building inspector.

4. How much area can I heat with this stove?

Depending on the heat loss in the home it may heat anywhere from 1400-200 sq. ft.

5. Can I burn corn in a pellet stove?

Yes, 25% corn 75% wood pellet. Corn has a higher sugar value which causes more soot build up and clinkers in the burn chamber so it plugs off the air. The corn will burn well with a mixture of pellets to offset the soot build up as wood pellets burn very clean.

6. Can I use a thermostat with this unit?

Yes, the thermostat is an add-on feature which allows you to function in two ways either on/off or the high/low mode.

7. What type of venting must I use?

You must use UL/ULC approved PL vent designed and tested for pellet stoves.

8. My auger will feed at start up but then stops?

The stove needs to be fine tuned. There is not enough vacuum being generated to feed pellets. To adjust this there is an adjustment pod on the bottom right hand corner of the control board that says “FAN” this needs to be turned counter clockwise a quarter of a turn. The fresh air intake damper should be open roughly ˝”.

9. There is smoke coming into the house from the stove?

Make sure that you silicone all venting joints with hi temp silicone to prevent smoke spillage. The most important joint is the first one where the vent attaches to the stove.

10. Can I run a battery back up with these units?

They will not work with a battery backup at this time. Current tests are in process. A 1000 Watt generator will run the unit.

11. I get sparks out of my exhaust pipe is that normal?

The sparks are normal because it is still a wood burning appliance. To help lesson the sparks open up the air damper slightly by 1/8” increments.

12. How many pellets will I use in the heating season?

On average the consumption for a standard home is 2-3 tons per heating season.

13. Do I have to put a non combustible pad underneath the stove?

Yes, please refer to your owners manual for the size required for your appliance, pages 6, 13, 14 and 15.

14. Will the unit run if the power goes out?

No, the unit requires 110V to operate as the exhaust is carried out by the combustion fan.

15. If the igniter stops glowing can I still light the stove?

Yes, you can manually light the stove with a certified fire starter gel.

16. Does it have a thermostat?

The thermostat is an optional feature. Please contact us for more information.

17. How should pellet venting components be assembled and joined?

Each joint should be silicon sealed with hi-temp silicon and even factory joints may need to be sealed.

18. What if the glass is black and sooty, how do I correct the problem?

The soot on the windows is a sign that there is not enough air in the system; start by adjusting the air damper and then adjusting the combustion fan.

19. My auger will not turn but the auger cycle light flashes on and off like it is cycling. What is happening?

The first issue could be that the combustion fan speed it not fast enough so to adjust we need to turn the small trim pot on the bottom right hand corner of the control board that says ‘fan’ to the left. The dial should be as far counter clockwise as it will go. The second issue could be that you have an auger jam or the onset of one. To correct you need to open the front door of the stove and dig out the jam from the drop shute where the pellets fall out of the best is to take a long screwdriver or stiff wire to dig out the sawdust.

20. Why is the flame touching the top heat tubes?

That is normal; we want the heat to transfer through the heat exchange tubes thus allowing the fan to push more heat into the room.

21. What does the rod do above the door?

The rod is designed to pull the scraper over the heat exchange tubes to clean the soot off. If there is a buildup of soot the transfer of heat through the tubes is greatly reduced.

22. The scraper rod only moves when the stove is cold?

The scraper over the heat exchange tubes is made to fit tight so it can adequately clean the tubes of soot. When metal heats up it expands; therefore the scraper will not move.

23. What are the recommended venting options?

  • Direct
  • Up and Out
  • Out And Up
  • Existing Chimney
  • Straight Through Ceiling/roof

24. Can I burn wood chips in these units?

These units are designed for wood pellets only.

25. Do I have to use surge protection with these units?

Yes, these units have some digital components, so it is best to use a surge protector.

26. Can I use a Ground Fault Indicator plug with these units?

The unit may not work properly with this type of plug so it would be best to use a standard plug.

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