Pelpro Accessories for Wood Pellet Stoves

With so many wood pellet appliances to choose from, you might think that we've covered all the bases decoratively or technically. However, you will find that you may need more hopper capacity, decorative side trims, stainless steel handcrafted log sets or any number of our other available options for your pellet stove or heater.

For all pricing inquiries, please consult our dealer locator.

Thermostat kit
Dual mode fully automatic thermostat control, Fahrenheit and 25 feet of 18/2 wire.

  Hopper Extension,

Increase your hopper capacity by 100 lbs of pellet fuel and increase your potential burn time while filling less often.

Fibreboard firebrick panel for aesthetically pleasing flame effect.

Each 1 piece logset is individually handcrafted from stainless steel to give the appearance of real wood while reflecting heat back into the burn chamber.

* Burn times and output may vary with quality of fuel.


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