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Heating costs continue to be unstable, with oil and gas prices up and down like never before. Using a PelPro wood pellet or corn stove will not only give you a better heating experience but also keep your hard earned money where it belongs - with you! Browse our extensive line of stoves and heaters.

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PelPro Freestanding Stoves

PelPro freestanding stoves are affordable, quality heating alternatives to gas, oil and electricity. With a variety of styles and configurations, these pedestal based heaters will find a cozy place in your home.

PelPro Bay Window Stoves, Freestanding & Fireplace Insert

Affordable heating meets aesthetic design! Our bay window pellet stoves are top quality, high output appliances that will enhance your home decor. With a large 3 pane window (180+ sq.in), you will always have a view of your fire. Choose between pedestal or fireplace insert/built-in configurations. Save on heating costs and still have a decorative stove to be proud of.

PelPro Vertical Stove Heaters

Our designs for wood pellet stoves took a strong turn when we devised the original pellet heater several years ago. Since that time, other pellet stove manufacturers have tried to emulate our success. These stoves come with 120 pound and 300 pound hopper capacities and boast a BTU value of up to 50,000 per hour, and can heat over 2500 square feet in most climates. The large glass viewing window on this model makes it a viable, aesthetic heating option for your home as well as your shop.

PelPro Accessories and Options

With so many wood pellet appliances to choose from, you might think that we've covered all the bases decoratively or technically. However, you will find that you may need more hopper capacity, decorative side trims, stainless steel handcrafted log sets or any number of our other available options for your pellet stove or heater.

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