Use and Care

PelPro pellet stoves are an economical heating source that are simple to operate. All pellet stoves require frequent maintenance for best performance. PelPro units should be maintained in accordance with the following schedule:

Frequency Part Cleaning Procedure
Daily or As Needed Fire Pot
  • Remove the fire pot
  • Scrape clean and remove ashes
  • Replace fire pot
  • Stove must be turned off or cold
Weekly or as needed Firebox
  • Remove baffles and vacuum residual ash
  • Remove ashes from firebox floor
  • Apply ceramic glass cleaner
  • Use non-abrasive cloth to remove residue
Monthly or as needed Door Inspection
  • The gasket between the glass and firebox should be inspected periodically to make sure there is a good seal
  • Check for loose or frayed gasket
  • A piece of paper between door gasket and firebox should not pass through
  • Empty hopper of any pellets
  • Vacuum any remaining pellets/debris from the hopper
Annually or as needed Electrical Components
  • Identify and remove any debris
  • Verify all connections are secure
Convection Blower
  • Remove right and left side panel to access and remove convection blower
  • Vacuum any debris from the fan blades and blower housing
Exhaust Blower
  • Remove left side panel to access and remove exhaust blower
  • Vacuum any debris from the fan blades and blower housing
Venting Soot, creosote, and fly ash will collect in the exhaust venting system and restrict the flow of the flue gases. This build up will occur more quickly in horizontal sections and elbows. Disassembly may be required.
  • Remove termination cap
  • Inspect for debris and blockage and remove
  • Brush out to remove dust and hard buildup
  • Use the appropriately sized chimney brush to remove ash and buildup from the venting
  • Ensure there are no obstructions in the outside air kit cap

Watch these videos to learn how to properly operate and clean your PelPro stove: